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Miles Locksmith Service is a 24-hour mobile locksmith company servicing Sacramento and surrounding areas including Citrus Heights, Roseville, Lincoln, Auburn and El Dorado Hills. We provide fast, friendly service at a competitive price. Our goal is customer satisfaction. You will have a professional, fully licensed and insured locksmith respond to your call in a state-of-the-art locksmith van.

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Do you really know who has keys to your home or business? Have you had your keys lost/stolen lately? Have you moved or has someone moved out? Have you fired an employee? Has someone quit without returning the keys? Do you want all your locks to use the same key? What does it mean to rekey? When you rekey your existing locks you change the pins inside to accept a different key. It is like changing the combination. We can rekey your locks for ease of use and added security.DO YOUR LOCKS GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT? We can make your locks bump resistant.With key bumping gaining recent attention from the national news media, why not get the piece of mind from making your locks resistant to this burglary technique?


How old are the locks on your home or business? We offer modern high security locks including keyless entry! Beautify your home or business with modern styles and finishes.For real security and piece of mind keep your valuables stored in a burglar/fire rated safe.
  • SAFES....

Protecting your valuables and vital records from fire or theft is serious business. A basic locking cabinet can secure valuable papers or personal items but it will not protect them from theft or fire damage. Only safes can provide a superior level of protection for documents, jewelry, guns and personal items.

Home and business security systems require the addition of security safes to eliminate the possibility of data and document loss due to fire. The proliferation of home robberies are classified as "snatch and grab." The intruder invests approximately 3-5 minutes within the home. The very presence of a home security safe is a deterrent to such robberies.

Miles Locksmith Service specializes in a large inventory of wall safes, floor safes, fire safes, gun safes, and electronic digital safes. Home safes are a perfect compliment to any home security system. Fire could destroy your business! In fact, eight businesses burn almost every hour in the U.S. resulting in over 2.3 billion dollars in annual losses. Unfortunately, seven out of ten businesses have not adequately protected their vital records.

When that information is destroyed a business often fails. Don't become a company that incurs fire damage resulting in critical loss of data (customer, personnel, accounting files, etc.) by not utilizing quality fire and data media safes. Survival is possible but preparation is necessary.


If you need servicing for your safe, Miles Locksmith Service is the place to call. We are certified with many of the safe manufacturers to provide you the best and most knowledgeable service available.

When a dial starts to stick or gets hard to turn, that is a red flag that your safe needs to be serviced. Don't wait until it's too late!!! A regularly-scheduled service agreement is much more affordable then a safe lock-out. We can also upgrade your existing safe to electronic keypad locks. We offer safe servicing, combination changes, repairs and moving (relocating) of your safes.

We offer automotive locksmith service for your car, truck, van or SUV - On Site key origination and lock repairs, or bring it to me and you can avoid costly trip fees.

Miles Locksmith Service can duplicate your car keys, repair door and ignition locks, make lost keys, extract a broken key from your lock and much more.
Miles Locksmith's mobile service will respond to Lock outs, lost car key replacement, transponder key programming,On Board Programming and VATS keys, ignition door and trunk lock re key and repairs.
Miles Locksmith Service also offers sales and installation of security cameras, as well as DVR systems for camera footage storage.Why wait?Call today.916-716-1572

  • REO Locksmith Professional in and around the Sacramento Valley....

* Flat Rate $$$per address

To qualify for flat rate pricing you must provide 5 or more REO re-keys per month.The flat rate price applies to each individual address. A duplex counts as two addresses, etc.This rate includes gaining entry and re-keying of up to 6 locks.Any additional locks will be charged at the rate of $8.00 per lock. The flat rate includes the detached garage, if applicable. This rate is based on the assumption that the property is that of a standard residential R1 property and not farms or ranches. For properties with multiple structures, please call for quote.

* Just One Door Only (Offer not valid in all areas)

 This flat rate includes gaining access if required and re-keying up to 2 locks for that entry, whether it is the front door or any other single door.

* Padlocks  (optional)

Padlocks are used for securing pool gates, main garage doors that cannot be secured by the existing hardware, and other out-buildings such as tool sheds that have a means of securing with a padlock. Padlocks will not be used unless otherwise directed.Sales tax will also be charged on this item.

* Lock-boxes (optional)

OPTIONAL: I will provide a lock-box upon prior request at the price shown above. Unless otherwise directed, it will include 2 keys and will be attached to either of the following (in the order shown); gas meter, water pipe, front door. If neither of these options will work for some reason, I will find something to attach to and report its location.Sales tax will also be charged on this item.

* Photos (optional)

OPTIONAL: I take photos of the property and email a zip file before the next business day. For a sample photo file, please call me to request it sent to you. Photos include the address followed by views of the house, a shot up and down the street, the front and back yards, the sides of the house, all rooms, garage, outbuildings if any, the gas and electric meters as applicable, and personal property.

 * Sheriff lockouts and cash for keys $? (optional)

OPTIONAL: There may be a surcharge for cases that involve evictions and cash for keys situations. We will show up at the designated time of the event and will charge our standard time rate for any time we are unable to perform our services due to delays caused by the situation.

 * Property is still Occupied 

If, upon arrival, the property is still occupied, we will abort the work order and notify you of the situation and charge a service fee.

* REO properties are, for most cases, quite different than the ordinary occupied house. They have usually been unoccupied for several weeks to several months or longer. Nature has started to reclaim it and has sent all the insects in to perform that task. Most of the locks haven't been used in a very long time and are often difficult to re-key. Many times, another agent has already sent in someone to gain access and provide an access to other people. In such cases, it is common to find many or most of the locks destroyed or rendered useless in the process. If locks are missing and/or damaged, we will try to make use of any existing locks from other rooms in the house. If needed, we supply locks for purposes of securing the property and is not covered in the flat rate. It is common for windows and doors not to close properly. Sometimes windows and /or doors are broken or missing, or simply don't fit for various reasons

* Fannie Mae requires all locks to be keyed to a Kwikset key-way. My price includes that. There are some exceptions. There are some locks that cannot be converted or replaced due to the Association's rules and regulations where the house is located. Most of these types of housings are in condominium developments. Other exceptions would include locks such as Emtek and Baldwin. Also, the Euro-profile type locks found in some homes. All these exceptions will be keyed to the Fannie Mae key code, but will be the Schlage key-way.

* Our task is to secure the property to prevent previous occupants and other people from gaining access or to prevent them from locking out the agents that have been assigned the task of trying to sell the property. This includes securing the pool area, if there are existing means to do so.

* In many cases, the existing conditions prevent the ability to secure a door or window. In these cases, we will do whatever we can to secure them, short of performing some carpentry work or similar work.If necessary,for an additional fee, we will drill a new hole on the door where there isn't so much damage, and relocate the lock.
* Even if you have deemed the subject property vacant, we approach the property as though it is occupied. We will verify vacancy before gaining access to the property. If the property is occupied, we will inform you of the situation and charge you only the service charge shown above.

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